WSC Sports and Skweek logos against a backdrop of a basketball arena

WSC Sports Scores FEDCOM MEDIA Agreement to Elevate Basketball Content on SKWEEK

WSC Sports and FEDCOM MEDIA have announced a partnership that will see SKWEEK, FEDCOM MEDIA’s basketball-focused OTT streaming service, benefit from WSC’s award-winning AI-powered technology for the next three years.

SKWEEK, which launched in October 2022 and provides exclusive coverage of men’s EuroLeague and EuroCup games, EuroLeague Women French clubs games and LDLC ASVEL Féminin’s EuroCup Women title  across France and Monaco, will leverage WSC Sports’ comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions to enhance the streaming brand’s video content output and fan experience.

The partnership will see WSC Sports automate the production of real-time clips, highlights, and analysis that will be distributed across all SKWEEK’s digital channels, incorporating its OTT platform, web and social media accounts.

“We are excited to partner with WSC Sports, the undisputed leader in AI-powered video content, to help deliver an unparalleled content offering for SKWEEK and basketball fans in France,” said Romain Destans, Digital Director of FEDCOM MEDIA and SKWEEK. 

“Nobody understands AI-driven basketball content better than WSC Sports. Their cutting-edge technology will enable us to deliver limitless amounts of high-quality content across all SKWEEK’s channels, opening up new ways to watch and experience basketball competitions. This tool will also enable us to offer a unique and unrivaled consumer experience to basketball fans in France. This partnership will not only help us grow the reach and engagement of SKWEEK’s exclusive content but provide an array of additional opportunities for our partners.”

WSC Sports has great heritage in the sport of basketball with the National Basketball Association a partner since 2015, plus notable partnerships with EuroLeague directly, widely recognised as the top-tier league in Europe, and the International Basketball Federation. The company also counts Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert as an Investor, and his franchise as a key client.

“Basketball is a sport that is close to our hearts, so we are delighted to partner with FEDCOM MEDIA and SKWEEK to power their on and off-court content across France, a market where we are establishing a growing presence and see huge potential for growth,” said WSC Sports Chief Business Development Officer, Aviv Arnon

“WSC Sports continues to be the ultimate end-to-end solution for the creation and distribution of personalised, real-time, AI-driven content, at scale. And our enduring new business success is testament to the value we deliver to fans of our partners’ properties. WSC Sports continues to deliver record levels of digital growth and engagement amongst fan bases of multiple sports and competitions, worldwide,” he added

SKWEEK  joins a roster of over 300 leagues and broadcasters across the globe – including the NBA, ESPN, YouTubeTV, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A, and DAZN – who have partnered with WSC Sports. In 2023, the company has already announced long-term agreements with ATP Media, Deutsche Telekom and Dyn Media, respectively.