Pac-12 Leverages Short-Form Video and Athlete Star Power on Facebook and Instagram to Build a Branded Content Business

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pac-12 looked for new revenue-generating opportunities as a means to sustain their digital business. The Pac-12 partnered with WSC Sports, a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform that aids in creating video highlights for social and digital, providing access to short-form content available in real-time for social distribution.

Prior to WSC Sports, the Pac-12 social team would need to prioritize which games on a given night received increased attention for editors to cut highlight packages for digital and social use. With WSC Sports, the Pac-12 digital team created highlight packages for all football and men’s and women’s basketball linear broadcasts across its broadcast partners (ESPN, FOX and Pac-12 Networks), vastly increasing social uploads and their digital content library.

The results have been a resounding success, with the Pac-12 experiencing:

  • +170% in branded content uploads on Facebook year over year

  • +25% in branded content views on Facebook year over year

  • +70% in branded content uploads on Instagram year over year

  • +15% in branded content views on Instagram year over year

“With over 20 sports across 12 universities and thousands of game broadcasts, there is no shortage of Pac-12 content opportunities each year. However, having the tools and resources in place to capitalize on the amazing moments and performances by Pac-12 student-athletes was a challenge that we needed to find a creative solution for.

Thanks to WSC Sports’ automated video solutions, we were able to produce and promote content across Facebook and Instagram for Pac-12 football and men’s and women’s basketball at a greater scale and at faster speeds than ever before. We can’t wait to further expand these content opportunities and branded content efforts with WSC Sports next season.”

Josh Ishoo, Pac-12 Senior Director of Public Relations and Digital and Social Media. 

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About WSC Sports

WSC Sports automates the creation and distribution of highlights for over 200 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, including the NBA, NHL, ESPN, YouTubeTV, Bundesliga, Serie A, and DAZN.

Utilizing advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies WSC Sports’ proprietary platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in a game, and in real-time creates and publishes customized short-form videos. This enables sports media rights owners to maximize the use of their content, creating new revenue streams and a personalized fan experience on every platform for every type of fan.