Wowow OnDemand

AI Technology Innovation Helps Wowow Drive Growth of Sports Highlights Viewership

Wowow Inc. Japan’s leading broadcaster of sports and entertainment, has been successfully growing digital engagement via the integration of WSC Sports’ AI-powered video automation technology. WSC’s platform has enabled Wowow to increase engagement with younger fans and almost double the viewership of sports highlights on their digital platforms.

WSC Sports allows Wowow to automatically create, curate, and distribute video highlights across an extensive sports rights portfolio, including UEFA Champions League and ATP Tennis. The platform has been integrated with internal workflows to allow direct publication of content to Wowow On Demand (Wowow’s OTT service), with over 2,000 unique video items published from Champions League content alone.

Image of Wowow's OTT platform
Soccer content on the WOWOW On Demand platform. Image courtesy of WOWOW.


Customers have reacted well, soccer highlights originating from the WSC Sports platform took top spots in Wowow’s most viewed soccer content rankings. Leveraging AI allows Wowow to create video content at a speed and scale not possible without technology.

Wowow has raised the bar for Wowow OnDemand subscribers by providing the best possible customer experience via the depth and variety of sports content for consumption. This includes everything from full game recaps, key moments and top plays, targeted reels featuring their favorite players, and more.

“We realize that younger fans do not have the time, or the attention span to watch the entire live match. The WSC Sports platform has been essential in engaging our Gen Z and millennial demographics. Notably, the content created by the platform looks and feels almost as if it was created by a professional video editor, so the quality of the content is also a huge add-value to our service.” – WOWOW

The partnership with WSC Sports has opened a new marketing experience, delivering growth in Wowow subscribers via video integration with Google Search. Within minutes of a game ending, Wowow uses the WSC platform to automate the sharing of match highlights for the UEFA Champions League to Google OneBox. Users watch the highlights for free on Wowow On Demand, and are targeted with CTA messaging directing traffic to sign up to Wowow. This entire workflow is automated, allowing Wowow’s team to devote resources to other content experiences.

With the majority of European football broadcast in the middle of the night in Japan, these recaps have become a favorite amongst morning commuters who can now view highlights as soon as they wake up, no longer needing to wait hours for the content to become available while trying to avoid catching wind of any spoilers throughout the day.