WSC Sports at SportsPro APAC 2021

In July we took part in a discussion panel at the 2021 Sports Pro APAC summit. Guy Port, Head of Asia Pacific at WSC Sports, sat down with Patrick Horan, Head of Digital at Cricket Australia, for a discussion about their digital video strategy.

The guys discussed the changes in fan consumption of media and the increase in fan engagement with different platforms for Cricket Australia. During the discussion, Horan talked about the importance of the role that WSC has played in achieving an increase in fan engagement.

In case you missed it here’s some of the highlights…

Horan later went on to say how due to the expansion in the length of the Cricket season, the amount of content that can be published and consumed by fans has increased drastically, which has led to more and more people becoming interested in Cricket.

With more interest in the sport comes the need to adapt to modern trends in fan’s media consumption. Horan was well aware of this need to give the fans what they want. What the fans want are highlights readily available to them in real time. Cricket Australia responded to this demand by making highlights available to fans without them even having to unlock their phones.

Horan continued by saying how much this helped increase fan engagement and that Cricket Australia has plans to continue expanding this feature in the future.

Watch the full discussion below.