WSC Sports at Hashtag Sports 2021

In June we took part in a discussion panel at the 2021 Hashtag Sports virtual summit. Amir Gelman, Head of Enterprise Business Development, represented WSC Sports alongside Adam Kaplan, General Manager and VP of FanDuel, and Peter Scott, VP of Media and Innovation at WarnerMedia.

The guys discuss the opportunities for broadcasters, publishers, and leagues to create new fan experiences and revenue streams through the convergence of media and betting, essentially how to use video content as a betting engagement tool.

In case you missed it here’s some of the highlights and what some of our partners had to say…

Scott talked about the importance of adapting to new media trends to increase fan engagement, specifically with sports betting. The goal is to turn casual sports fans into casual sports bettors.

As Scott mentioned, media rights holders are beginning to transition to these new trends within the integration of sports betting and media consumption. They want to do this by one day bringing sports betting to the bettor through their own platforms.

During the panel discussion, Adam Kaplan of FanDuel talked about their experience using WSC during the PGA Tour in February. He spoke about the importance of making the experience for bettors using their sportsbook engaging for their customers.

Kaplan went on to say that using content is a core part of their strategy in attracting and keeping customers to FanDuel and why the incorporation of short-form content and highlights are crucial for FanDuel moving forward.

Check out the full discussion below.