WSC Sports Co-founder and CBDO, Aviv Arnon, speaking on an event panel at the VivaTech Paris conference.

VivaTech Paris: How New Platforms Engage With Fans

In June 2023, we packed our bags for Paris and headed to The Future of Sport, an annual conference hosted by Viva Technology and Global Sports Week. In total, over 150,000 visitors from 174 countries participated in the event which featured thousands of startups, investors, sports organizations, and tech companies.

Speaking on the future of sports broadcasting and how organizations engage with younger fans, WSC Sports co-founder and CBDO, Aviv Arnon, was featured on the main stage alongside representatives from the NBA, Orange Events, and Hurricane Group, an action sports event company.

George Avizoglou from the NBA speaking on a panel at VivaTech Paris 2023.

Starting off the conversation, George Aivazoglou, the NBA’s Head of Fan Engagement and D2C in Europe and the Middle East, was asked what the league is doing to engage with fans on digital. He said that their main priority is making sure that content reaches the NBA’s global audience whether that’s on social media, through their broadcast partners, or on their mobile app.

One way that they take that engagement to the next level is through two products: the NBA I.D. membership program which allows users to set preferences to receive content that they’re most interested in—like content surrounding their favorite teams and players—and then offers rewards for certain behaviors and content consumption habits. The other product is NBA League Pass, a popular streaming platform, which provides unprecedented access and coverage of all live games and a host of other original content.

Asked about new experiences that fans can expect to see at the upcoming Tour de France and highly anticipated 2024 Paris Olympic Games, Pierre-Louis De Guillebon, CEO of Orange Events, said that they have a few new innovations planned. Cycling fans can expect 4K quality coverage of the race and cutting-edge camera angles from the perspective of the athletes and even from drones flying overhead.

At the Olympics, there will be two apps launched for live spectators. One that will provide access to rules for games that some fans might be unfamiliar with, and another that will provide commentary and analysis just like you’d hear if you were watching on TV. A third innovation is aimed at accessibility, and will offer tablets to blind and seeing-impaired fans that allow them to follow the action by touching the screen.

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon speaking on a panel at VivaTech Paris 2023.

Wrapping up the session, moderator and CEO of Next Sports, Mounir Zok, closed with a high level question to all the panelists: “What excites you the most when you think about the potential that’s out there?” For George, it’s the journey of kids becoming young athletes and eventually professional athletes, citing France’s basketball phenom, Victor Wembanyama as an example. Pierre-Louis said that for him, it’s all about being able to connect fans to the game wherever they may be.

Aviv’s excitement stems from the advancements in WSC Sports’ technology and ability to personalize content, and the potential for that capability to be more refined in the future. And finally, Belén said she’s encouraged by the increased reach sports will have thanks to technology, and that new audiences will be exposed to sports that they previously would not have access to.

The full session is available to watch below: