Women's World Cup Survey

Research: Interest in Women’s Sports Is at an All Time High, but We’re Only Just Scratching the Surface of Its Full Potential

Events like the Women’s World Cup provide sports media rights holders, sponsors, and investors an unparalleled opportunity to grow both women’s football and women’s sports as a whole.

For this reason, ahead of the 2023 tournament in Australia & New Zealand, WSC Sports commissioned a research survey to better understand sports viewership habits and engagement trends and how fans follow major events. 

A staggering 14,000 people across five continents and seven countries responded to the survey providing the latest key insights into interest in women’s football, the evolving landscape of women’s sports in general and the changing consumption habits of modern sports fans.


Key Findings:

⚽ There’s a meteoric rise in the number of followers of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023

⚽ Despite this record growth in interest for the Women’s World Cup, there’s still a large untapped market of fans eager for more women’s sports content in general

⚽ A lack of awareness and lack of viewing options are the main obstacles for fans to watch women’s sports

⚽ Nearly 50% of fans consume sports via highlights, with social media platforms the preferred platform for fans to view them


“Our research shows conclusively the rate at which interest and awareness of women’s sport is growing globally. It also underlines the role of digital platforms and short-format content in driving a bigger audience for the Women’s World Cup.

“Sports rights holders are starting to see that more digital content equals more engagement and bigger audiences. This is also true for women’s sport evidenced by the fact that engagement levels for our clients’ YouTube content has risen 35% year-on-year.

“Women’s sport has a growing and increasingly passionate audience – one that becomes more and more attractive to sponsors and investors, whose contributions can make a huge difference in accelerating the growth of women’s leagues, events, and competitions, globally,”  – Daniel Shichman, WSC Sports Co-Founder and CEO. 


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