Clubs Content Playbook

5 Content Strategies Sports Clubs Can Utilize to Drive Fan Engagement

The sports media landscape is ever-changing, driven by evolving fan consumption habits and breakthrough technologies that enable exciting new content experiences. This presents sports clubs with fresh opportunities to explore innovative ways to engage and build deeper relationships with their fanbases.

Modern sports fans simply expect more when it comes to content. Not only do they want more game highlights, they want to view them as soon as they happen, on multiple devices, in different formats and durations—and they want to be fed content that features the players and plays that matter most to them.

At the end of the day, each team plays roughly the same number of minutes in a season and has the same amount of match content at their disposal. So how can clubs keep up with fans’ rising expectations, and create content that expands organic reach while generating meaningful revenue? Especially when they’re often faced with the challenge of limited or delayed access to live game content, and have lean content teams.

Download the Content Playbook for Clubs from WSC Sports to learn five key strategies clubs can copy to supercharge their content workflows, and drive unparalleled fan engagement and sponsorship revenue.

Download the Clubs Content Playbook