FC Bayern Munich Basketball has a rich history in Germany dating back to the 1950s, and today, they consistently sit atop league standings in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga.

While the players and coaches work towards the perennial goal of winning a German and EuroLeague championship, another team is making sure that fans don’t miss a moment of action from the hardwood.

With an ultimate goal of bringing the fans closer to the players than ever before, Bayern’s digital team is always on the lookout for new technologies to increase fan engagement.

The team needed a solution that could create more highlights and videos faster and at scale. They decided to utilize WSC Sports’ AI-powered platform to make content workflows more efficient. The result was a massive increase in the amount of videos published and views from fans.

Bayern Munich Stat Card


  • 2400+ highlights created & published
  • 20 videos created per game (average)
  • 342% increase in video views

All data is from the 2022-23 easyCredit BBL & EuroLeague season.

The Challenge

Quickly Creating Content From Live Games

Bayern’s team of content and social media editors had a few pain points in their workflows. Primarily, they were faced with a manual editing process and had no solution in place to organize content.

To make matters more complicated, the digital team is tasked with posting content to Bayern’s mobile app and website—as well as all of the team’s social pages, including Instagram, Facebook, X, and YouTube.

Content editors were spending hours manually pulling footage, editing, optimizing it for different social channels, and finally publishing it.

The Solution

Using AI-Automation to Save Time and Resources

To start, the team set up 70 predetermined rules in the WSC platform to automatically trigger the creation of different types of videos. The videos are created and optimized to various aspect ratios and the final product is a range of content for Bayern fans to enjoy, including game recaps, game highlights, highlights of specific players, top individual performances, and much more. Additionally fans can expect a “Top Plays” compilation every week and month, respectively.

Publishing with Peace of Mind

With automation in place, Bayern’s digital team can rest assured that every exciting story from every game can be quickly distributed across the team’s social channels and mobile app. Videos that used to take hours of manual work are now created in minutes with just a few clicks. Now, fans are exposed to more exciting action from Bayern Basketball than ever before. This steady stream of content keeps Bayern Basketball front and center in the eyes of fans, and presents new opportunities to get them excited about live games, and everything else that’s happening with the team.


  • Better Fan-Team Connection

    Now it’s easier for Bayern Basketball to serve all of their fans by optimizing content for multiple platforms and devices. Bayern fans can access the content they want, where they want—and they’re doing just that.

    It’s one thing to produce a lot of content, but that means nothing if fans don’t engage with it. The massive increase in views shows that fans are hungry for more content, and appreciate the deeper connection to the team.

  • More Time to Create Other Content

    With the WSC Sports platform taking care of highlights, Bayern Basketball’s digital team now has time to pursue other creative projects, like funny videos of players, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content.

    This can be used not only to entertain fans, but also as a way to sell tickets and let people know about upcoming games.

    Bayern takeaway

After a year of working together with WSC Sports, we achieved some incredible results, but we’re only getting started. Without giving too much away, we’re planning to give fans more options to personalize their content, and more immersive video experiences like stories.”