WSC Sports is looking for a VP R&D to join and lead our awesome R&D team.

The R&D is now around 60 people and planning to grow to around 100 next year.

Basically, our desire is that:

  • Everyone in the R&D team will be proud to say you are their VP R&D and the best leader they ever saw – THE BEST! Amazing people skills, super technical, organized but still with ‘let’s do it’ start-up mentality, ever learning person and can be great in high-level planning and switch right away and contribute to solve the annoying bug we are facing today
  • Yes, you are leading the R&D but you are also part of the management of the company and that’s one crazy responsibility - your peers in the management will feel you are someone they can talk to freely, consult on daily dilemmas, think strategy, laugh and continue to stir the ship together – great communication and sync with every department is crucial (HR, Finance, Product, Marketing, BizDev) and the overall communication of the management is what keeps us growing and overcoming everything that comes at us
  • You like to break big problems into small pieces – must be with super analytical thinking – how to build teams, how to build processes, what to measure, which fires do we handle and which ones we keep on because we can’t fix anything at once .You must have great abilities to understand how a system operates and the relationships between each component and then deep dive into every component as well
  •  Humble – as the company grows in a rapid pace – we face new challenges all the time, new headaches and new celebrations – we all learn together and face every obstacle together. We admit when we are wrong, we learn and continue improving all the time. No ego!
  • You understand the price of working in a growth-stage start-up company – fast pace, always new things to handle, working with customers in every imaginable time zone and as you celebrate a quick win you right away getting ready for the next battle that is always around the corner

 What you’ll need:

  •  8+ years of development experience
  •  4+ years of experience leading, managing, and scaling R&D teams, in startup environments
  • Proven track record starting new initiatives and leading them to success
  • Strong knowledge of architectural principles, coding standards, design patterns and best practices.
  • Experience and knowledge in video streaming and encoding – advantage
  •  Experience and knowledge in Computer vision, machine learning methods (specifically in the fields of video and audio) - advantage

In the end of the day – we are looking for someone that can lead one of the best group of people out there and make them feel they are growing as individuals and as a team and helping it improve and become the best R&D team possible



PHONE: +972-3-773-1660

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