11 Sports Highlights From May That You’ll Want to See Again

The month of May was filled with awesome highlights from many of the world’s biggest sports leagues. At the same time, stadiums all over the globe moved towards full attendance for the first time in two years, bringing energy back into the stands.

With the swell of new fans came a ton of crazy highlights — here’s 11 of our favorites!

1. UCL

Chelsea won their second Champions League Final off of this first half goal from midfielder Kai Havertz. The Blues shut out Manchester City for their third straight win against Pep Guardiola’s club.

2. PGA Championship

Phil Mickelson hit a physics-defying bunker shot on the way to becoming the oldest golfer to ever win the PGA Championship…

3. Boxing

Canelo Alvarez landed a crushing right hook on Billy Joe Saunders to win their middleweight bout (and send Saunders to the hospital). If you don’t enjoy bone-crunching punches, look away…

4. NBA

The NBA’s stars got cheeky with their passing during the end of the regular season and beginning of the playoffs. LeBron James made a mid-air behind-the-back assist look easy…

James Harden hit Jeff Green with a bounce pass from across the court…

Trae Young saved the ball from going out of bounds with a cheeky behind-the-back…

and Facundo Campazzo got in on the action with this underhand dime.

5. Bundesliga

Whatever they feed soccer players in Germany must give them strange powers, as evidenced by this head-scratcher of a goal.

6. El Mago

Want to see what master base running looks like? Well look no further than Javier “El Mago” Baez, who made the Chicago Cubs look like a little league team in the infield during what should have been a routine out.

Some background music really adds to the comedy of the situation…

7. NHL

The NHL got in on the action with a duo of awe-inspiring goals. First, it was Conor Garland’s slicing self-assist…

Not to be outdone by this amazing wrap-around from Marty Necas.

8. NBA (again)

I know we already did the NBA, but this block by Rudy Gobert on Ja Morant, one of the best dunkers in the league, deserves its own spot.

Here’s another effortless swat by Gobert on Morant, just to make it abundantly clear why he’s the league’s presumed Defensive Player of the Year.

9. NBA (again x2)

I know, I know. But this league produces enough dazzling clips for two of these monthly articles. This particular highlight, a stunningly deep three pointer, is brought to you by a real-life magician who goes by the name Luka Doncic.

10. Gymnastics

American Simone Biles continued a long career of gravity-defying displays by becoming the first woman ever to land a Yurchenko double pike during a competition.

11. Baseball Catches

Rounding out our top 11 are some of the best catches in baseball from May. Nothing gets a stadium going like a stolen home run, like this one from Brewers outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr…

The Rays’ Kevin Kiermaier had a run-saving snag of his own, stopping a crushed ball from Andrew Benintendi before it could leave the field…

Clint Frazier on the Yankees looked like he flew on this diving snag…

And the University of Georgia’s Josh McCallister did his best major league impression with this wild catch.


Watching professionals is fun, but true talent comes in all shapes and sizes. In this month’s bonus, check out Hansel Emmanuel, an inspirational one-handed hooper from the Dominican Republic who has some serious bounce.

That’s all for this month’s highlights. What did we get right, and what did we miss? Let us know in the comments below. And for last month’s highlights, make sure to check out the best moments of April .