Sportel Monaco 2022: Tackling Digital Strategy With Europe’s Top Football Leagues

“If you want to succeed in this space, you need to be good in 3 different things: The first thing is content production and the solution of on-demand and highlights content because that adds a lot to live consumption. The second point is ownership of the product…the viewers at home need to feel that they’re getting a personalized experience. Third, at the end of the day, you need technology [that can] create a proper journey for fans,” Pierdamiano Tomagra, Head of Digital at Serie A.

Sportel Monaco is the premier industry event where global sports media and technology companies come together to network and share industry knowledge. This year, WSC Sports’ VP of Business Development, Shaka Arnon sat down with executives from the big four leagues in Europe—Steffen Merkel, EVP of Audiovisual Rights from Deutsche Fußball Liga, Leonard Soler, Head of International Media Rights at La Liga and Pierdamiano Tomagra, Head of Digital at Serie A—to discuss how their traversing the new digital era of sports.

If you’re interested in hearing from some of the brightest minds behind the business of football production, then you definitely want to listen to tune in to this session.

Shaka, Steffen, Leonard and Pierdamiano discuss the intersection of social media and live sports broadcasts, how they’re utilizing social media to draw attention to live matches, and the different types of content that fans are demanding in the new era of sports.

This is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the business of sports media from representatives of the most prestigious football leagues in the world. Enjoy!