WSC Sports Wins ‘Best Use of Technology’ Award at Hashtag Sports Awards

We’re delighted to announce that we won the award for ‘Best Use of Technology’ in the ‘Fan Experience’ category at the 2021 Hashtag Sports Awards! 

WSC Sports knows that engagement creates monetization opportunities. Our ability to create an abundance of content at speed, and then properly utilize it, by delivering it at the right time, and on the right platform, brings unprecedented levels of audience engagement. More content, in more places, means more brand awareness, sponsorships, partnerships and advertising, WSC Sports helps unlock all these opportunities. 

Read more about our award-winning technology, and all the other 2021 winners, here

About WSC Sports

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation and distribution of highlights for over 200 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, including the NBA, NHL, ESPN, YouTubeTV, Bundesliga, FIBA, FanDuel and Bleacher Report.

Utilizing advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies the WSC Sports platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in a game, and in real-time creates and publishes customized short-form videos. This enables sports media rights owners to maximize the use of their content, creating new revenue streams and a personalized fan experience on every platform for every type of fan.