WSC Sports Wins ‘Best Broadcast Technology’ Award at 2021 Sports Technology Awards

We’re delighted to win the award for Best Broadcast Technology at the 2021 Sports Technology Awards !

WSC Sports’ innovative OTT integration is a core offering that automatically fills clients’ streaming platforms with unique and personalized videos allowing them to deliver game-changing fan experiences to their subscribers, such as catching up to the live action through highlights in football matches, providing highlights of every golf shot, from every player, as they happen in tournaments, and many other experiences.

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About WSC Sports

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation of highlights for over 150 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, which include the NHL, NBA, ESPN, YouTubeTV, FanDuel, FIBA, NASCAR, and Bleacher Report. WSC Sports enables partners to create a mass of highlights in real-time that can be distributed directly over social media and other digital channels, in addition to a wide range of innovative solutions to increase brand awareness, disrupt fan engagement and personalization and maximize monetization opportunities.

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