WSC Sports Launches Live Video Notification for Betting Operators in Partnership With Sportradar

New AI-driven video push notification delivers real-time video highlights to betting operators to grow and engage customers.

WSC Sports, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven sports video technology, has worked with Sportradar, a leading global provider of sports intelligence and sports entertainment solutions, to launch Live Video Notification for sports betting operators. Designed to improve customer acquisition and engagement, Live Video Notification is a video push notification that automatically creates live video highlights from WSC Sports machine-learning platform, delivering rich media to users’ mobile app via push notifications presenting game highlights.

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI platform creates personalized automated highlights for every type of sports fan. The technology automates the highlights production process for 20 different sports for over 150 leagues and broadcast partners around the world. The sports betting industry is the latest focus area for WSC Sports with products already live with sportsbooks in the US.

With Live Video Notification, short event clips are delivered in real-time via a push notification encouraging users to view and engage with the app for active and inactive users. In their first co-developed output, WSC Sports and Sportradar are helping betting operators to enhance the user experience, with the potential to boost volume and in-game engagement.

The Live Video Notification is the first in a full suite of products WSC Sports and Sportradar are planning to launch. The two companies will work together to develop new in-app integrations and explore new ways video highlights can enrich the user experience and support the market need for personalized, attractive and unique content.

It’s the latest addition to Sportradar’s Live Channel portfolio, which will stream more than 330,000 sports events in 2021 via its Live Channel Online, Live Channel Retail and Live Channel Trading services. The Live Video Notification service will feature content from Sportradar’s owned media rights which includes top tier football competitions from Europe, Latin America and Asia, as well tennis, basketball and many more.

“We are thrilled to work with an industry leader like Sportradar and look forward to building out a full portfolio of engaging products that will help betting operators differentiate themselves with personalized content while better utilizing streaming rights. Live Video Notification offers users a unique experience that delivers videos of in-game action directly to mobile phones in near real time — creating an entirely new way to engage and experience the action,” said Yuval Benyamini, Head of Betting at WSC Sports.

Patrick Mostboeck, Global Director Video and Streaming Products, Sportradar said: “As the market is continually moving forward, we are constantly looking to provide our clients with new and innovative ways to engage with fans. Live Video Notification is a game changer, providing top quality video highlights in near real-time to deliver a higher betting conversion through this new and unrivalled fan engagement feature.

“Through our work with WSC Sports we hope to bring more innovations to market which will provide long term benefit to our customer base.”

About Sportradar

Sportradar is a leading global provider of sports betting and sports entertainment products and services. Established in 2001, the company occupies a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries, providing sports federations, news media, consumer platforms and sports betting operators with a range of solutions to help grow their business. Sportradar employs 3,000 people in more than 30 locations around the world. It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries and official partner of the NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, FIFA and UEFA. We monitor, analyze and deliver insights from more than 720,000 matches annually across 75 sports. With deep industry relationships, Sportradar is not just redefining the sports fan experience; it also safeguards the sports themselves through its Integrity Services division and advocacy for an integrity-driven environment for all involved.

About WSC Sports

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation and distribution of highlights for over 150 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, including the NBA, NHL, ESPN, YouTubeTV, Bundesliga, FIBA, FanDuel and Bleacher Report.

Utilizing advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies the WSC Sports platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in a game, and in real-time creates and publishes customized short-form videos. This enables sports media rights owners to maximize the use of their content, creating new revenue streams and a personalized fan experience on every platform for every type of fan.

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