WSC Sports Announces Establishment of Gen AI-Specific Division

WSC Sports, the global leader in AI-powered sports video content, today announced the creation of a generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) group. WSC Sports is pioneering the next era of fan engagement again and the commitment to innovation for sports media rights holders is core to the company’s DNA.

“We have been an AI company first and foremost for over a decade. Creating this group is the logical next step given technological advances,” said CEO and Co-founder Daniel Shichman.

“At the intersection of sports content and AI, our company is strategically positioned to lead the way for the sports industry.”

“Our team is actively developing new Gen AI products that include various features with text, audio, and video in coordination with design partners at some of the most recognized sports brands in the world.”

“We believe Gen AI will unlock even more opportunities for teams, leagues and broadcasters to create new fan experiences and have released our first product in AI-generated audio commentary.”

Itai Epstein has been named as WSC Sports’ Director of Gen AI and will lead the team. Epstein has been with the company for almost five years, most recently as the Director of Business Development and Head of EMEA and China. The current team consists of 22 full-time dedicated Gen AI engineers and business executives with plans to more than double within the year as they play a pivotal role in working with existing and new partners to drive value in this burgeoning area.

“WSC Sports’ Gen AI offering is a game-changer,“ Itai Epstein, WSC Sports’ Director of Gen AI said.

“At the technology level, we’re pioneering the world’s first sports-dedicated multimodal large language model (LLM) called Large Sport Model (LSM). This approach enables a suite of cutting-edge pre-trained and fine-tuned proprietary Gen AI models for multiple formats coupled with optimized techniques. It kicks off an industry revolution that allows sports organizations to deploy this new technology in a way that is customized to the entity’s specific owned IP and fanbase interests.

“While standard Gen AI models may be versatile, they lack the precision, context, speed, customization, and adherence to regulations that specialized AI models, like ours, can provide.

WSC Sports’ Large Sports Model will ensure new, unique, authentic, engaging, and high-quality content experiences for sports fans.”

On the product level, we’ve built a two-year roadmap of multiple innovative Gen AI products, which we’re gradually rolling out. In fact, some have already been launched with key partners (like AI Commentary with one of the world’s largest leagues). There’s much more to come in the near future.”