Tencent Announces Partnership With WSC Sports to Develop New Solutions For Chinese Market

The Multi-year Deal Will Provide Tencent With Automated & Personalized Sports Video Content For All Their Digital Platforms

Tencent Holdings, the Chinese holding company that is invested across multiple sectors including streaming television, social networks, e-commerce, sports, gaming, software and more and WSC Sports, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven sports video technology, announced today a three-year partnership to fuel the development of new video production solutions for the Chinese market.

As part of the agreement, WSC Sports will also provide Tencent Sports (and other Tencent divisions) with its automatic video solutions for content distribution through Tencent’s digital platforms, such as its website, apps and social media channels — all of which combine to boast over 100 million users and subscribers.

This partnership will enable Tencent to distribute automated, varied, and personalized sports content on a large scale for its major properties such as the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, and many more, throughout the Chinese market.

According to Tencent, the improvement of mobile broadband infrastructure such as 5G is causing short-form videos to become the leading format in which content is consumed. Data shows that the demand for short video is growing and the number of short video users is increasing strongly. The partnership between Tencent and WSC Sports will greatly improve the timeliness of content production, while the output of boutique sports highlights can be increased by 10 times under the same quality conditions and the production efficiency of creative short video content can be increased by 12 times.

“China boasts one of the most robust sports fanbases in the world, with interest across multiple sports and leagues worldwide,” WSC Sports Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Aviv Arnon, said.

“This partnership is aimed at growing that fandom by providing Chinese sports fans with personalized and innovative experiences and exposing them to a large variety of content with which they can engage.”

WSC Sports will constitute a significant component in Tencent’s digital strategy, and contribute to its continuing growth. In addition, Tencent and WSC Sports will work together to develop new innovative solutions to disrupt the sports consumption experience in China.

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation of highlights for over 100 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, which include the NBA, ESPN, YouTubeTV, FIBA, NASCAR, Discovery and many more. WSC Sports enables partners to create a mass of highlights in real-time that can be distributed directly over social media and other digital channels.

About WSC Sports

WSC Sports’ platform generates personalized sports videos for every digital platform and every sports fan — automatically and in real-time. Currently being used by leading media rights owners such as NBA, ESPN, YouTubeTV, FIBA, NASCAR, Discovery, and many others, WSC Sports’ platform utilizes advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to analyze live sports broadcasts, identify each and every event that occurs in the game, create customized short-form video content and publish to any digital destination. This enables partners to instantly generate and distribute professionally edited personalized clips and videos on a large scale, to engage audiences and maximize video monetization opportunities.

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