NBB CAIXA Partners With WSC Sports To Automate Highlights, Video Creation And Better Engage Fans

AI Platform Creates Content In Real-Time To Be Shared on NBB CAIXA’s YouTube, Facebook And Twitter Channels

Liga Nacional de Basquete (LNB) and WSC Sports, the AI-driven video production and distribution platform, announced they have partnered to enhance the top men’s national basketball championship, the NBB CAIXA, in their use of video for the purpose of promoting the league and maximizing engagement with fans. This marks the first time a Brazilian sports organization has partnered with WSC Sports, who currently works with leagues and organizations such as the NBA, WarnerMedia, PGA Tour, FIBA, NCAA, and WSL.

Using WSC Sports’ platform, NBB CAIXA automatically creates short-form videos in real-time that are easily shared on main social media channels and digital venues. This is accomplished by analyzing live broadcasts, identifying every event that occurs in the game and creating personalized video content that is immediately ready to be published.

“The partnership with WSC Sports comes in a very crucial and strategic moment, while we celebrate the season with 100% live coverage of the games,” NBB CAIXA Communications Director Guilherme Buso said. “It also allows us to increase our capacity of video content production on our own digital platforms and the possibility of distributing NBB CAIXA highlights to the teams and media partners. Now, there is never a play that we cannot capture, and we can share it with the fans in totally different ways.”

NBB CAIXA enters the partnership with a new focus on content production. The WSC platform now makes it possible for NBB CAIXA to post highlights and a condensed version of every regular-season game on its official YouTube channel moments after matches conclude. These 10-minute videos have been a fan favorite so far.

Similarly, the partnership has enabled NBB CAIXA to share more video content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These channels are regularly filled with player-specific highlights, team comparison videos and short recaps of the final minutes.

“The South American, particularly Brazilian, sports markets are incredibly exciting and exhibit the highest level of sport,” WSC Sports Head of Business Development Americas Amir Gelman said. “We are happy for this opportunity to work with NBB CAIXA to help them maximize the use of content to increase their fan base and create new, innovative ways to consume the sport.”