The WSC Sports logo and CCTV logo against a sports stadium background.

CCTV Utilized WSC Sports’ AI Technology to Revolutionize the Fan Experience During the World Cup

China Central Television (CCTV), China’s leading public broadcaster, and WSC Sports, the global leader in AI sports video technology, have announced they have been working together to deliver AI-powered video highlights of World Cup matches to CCTV’s more than 1 billion viewers across China. This innovative relationship enabled football fans in China to catch all of the World Cup action on CCTV platforms, including CCTV’s mobile app.

During the 2022 World Cup CCTV used WSC Sports’ AI platform to generate more than 5,000 videos, on average that’s more than 80 highlights per match.

The WSC Sports platform works by analyzing and indexing CCTV-owned sports content in real-time, to create personalized highlights that are delivered across CCTV’s social media, app and digital properties. Over the 64 World Cup matches, more than 250K actions were analyzed automatically by WSC Sports to create a huge library of content that CCTV can utilize to tell an unlimited number of stories from the action in Qatar. 

The Chinese sports ecosystem is extremely significant for WSC Sports and we are excited to add CCTV to the growing list of brands we work with in the region,” said Yang Zhao, China Business Development at WSC Sports. “It’s especially exciting to see the huge number of videos and views coming from the World Cup and be able to deliver an innovative and personalized experience for fans in China.”

WSC Sports is growing its presence in China and already works with Migu, CBA and Tencent. The company recently opened an office in Beijing to better serve the Chinese market and works with EcoSports agency.