Basketball Champions League and WSC Sports Extend Partnership Through 2024

The Basketball Champions League and WSC Sports, the global leader in AI sports video technology, today announced the extension of their partnership to bring automated real-time video highlights to the BCL until 2024. 

The BCL, together with its official broadcast and marketing rights holder SPORTFIVE, will be working with WSC Sports to provide BCL with an innovative digital approach, automating highlights and content for their website, social media channels and more. Thanks to high-level TV production and a great cooperation with all broadcasters, this partnership will also complement the broadcasting offering and enhance the coverage of the competition, delivering the best experience to all fans.

WSC Sports have been working with the BCL since 2016, helping to create personalized content and expand BCL’s reach. Earlier in 2021, SPORTFIVE became the exclusive agency managing a combined set of marketing and global media rights for the Basketball Champions League.

Basketball Champions League CEO Patrick Comninos endorsed the partnership with WSC Sports:

“It is a great pleasure for us to announce the extension of the agreement with WSC Sports, a global leader in automated sports video creation,” he said. “Their cutting-edge technology in this area has been instrumental in the digital success and the fan-engagement growth of our competition, and we are delighted to continue our collaboration in order to meet the growing demand for video content from our clubs, players and fans.”

“We are thrilled to continue our long-term relationship with BCL in this new partnership with SPORTFIVE. We have the shared vision of expanding the BCL fan-first basketball experience to engage with more fans and more touch points across Europe. We also hope this is just the first of many opportunities with the SPORTFIVE team,” said Ben Mirvis, Business Development, WSC Sports. 

About WSC Sports

WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation and distribution of highlights for over 200 leagues and broadcast partners across the globe, including the NBA, NHL, ESPN, YouTubeTV, Bundesliga, FIBA, FanDuel and Bleacher Report.

Utilizing advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies the WSC Sports platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in a game, and in real-time creates and publishes customized short-form videos. This enables sports media rights owners to maximize the use of their content, creating new revenue streams and a personalized fan experience on every platform for every type of fan.

About Basketball Champions League

The Basketball Champions League is an innovative joint partnership between FIBAClubCo and 11 top European leagues. It is a fair competition based on sporting principles with teams qualifying through national leagues.

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