Unbox Your Mind: WSC Sports Hackathon 2021

Nobody does Hackathons like WSC Sports. Fact!

Our legendary Hackathons are an annual tradition, easily THE landmark event on everyone’s calendar and eagerly anticipated by all. 2021 was no exception.

Hackathons at WSC Sports are all about innovation, creativity, competition and having a lot of fun in the process. They provide a chance for the entire company to come together and team up to develop new features for our platform, create something they think the company is missing, fix something that annoys them, or simply make life better for us at the office.

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This year on August 3rd we had our biggest ever event with a whopping 15 teams taking part who spent their day planning, wireframing, coding, testing, drinking, eating, and so much more. They had 24 hours to work on their concept and finish up the long day by presenting the entry and showing off a working demo. Then it was over to our judges (Yitav, Shahaf, Eli, Hy, Shai & Yuval) to pick a winner. Points were given out for Innovation & Creativity, Business Impact, Technology Depth, Demo Readiness, Presentation and Pitch.

“Everyone in each team was focused on their product and its completion on time. In those diverse teams we saw an example of QA engineers leading the product, backend developers developing frontend features like experienced frontend developers, algorithm engineers and software engineers taking part in the business decisions related to their product and more.” Dan Daniel, VP R&D, WSC Sports

Of course we couldn’t keep our employees at the office for so long without providing them with copious amounts of food, drinks, music, entertainment and other treats and perks such as massages for everyone! See all the photos from the event here. 📷

There were many truly great entries but there was one clear winner… 🥁

Congratulations to ‘Hackatoons’ for their inspired creation which automatically identifies viral moments within sports videos. 🤯👏

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“I must admit that this year I was surprised by the high level – both the ideas and execution were outstanding! Kudos to all 15 teams that participated and really came to make an impact in many different aspects – new products and business ideas, day-to-day internal tools and new technology capabilities, and the most fun thing out of it – we already have a few of these ideas going to production soon.” Daniel Shichman, Co-Founder and CEO, WSC Sports

Shout out to all of those who took part in ‘WSC Hack21’ and a special shout out to all of those who helped deliver an exceptional event. Want to take part in next year’s event? Then you’d better join the team, check out our open positions here.