How WSC Sports’ Automation Guild Master Used AI to Improve Internal Workflows

A company doesn’t run successfully and efficiently based solely on name recognition; it’s built up and run by hard-working employees. Here at WSC Sports, we like to call these employees our team members. We do this for a reason (besides for the wordplay); it takes a strong team working together to build something great, and our amazing staff of 260+ team members does exactly that. They are the reason why we are constantly pushing the barriers of sports tech and creating a next-generation highlight production platform.

As members of a team, every single employee has a major responsibility to help push WSC Sports forward. Some, however, have taken it a step further, like our resident Automation Guild Master Yuri Dziubynskyi. Like any great team member, Yuri worked to build his teammates up and help them succeed, and with his work came some amazing results.

Here’s the story of how Yuri came up with a program to help WSC Sports’ QA Team automate their own tasks and the end results of his grand idea.

As the company’s Automation Guild Master, Yuri’s job is to design and review code as well as build the automation infrastructure, which lays down the foundation for our real-time automatically produced highlights. After working here for some time, Yuri noticed a workflow problem and saw an opportunity to help his teammates grow. He noticed automation is not commonly used to help with tasks among other departments at WSC Sports, specifically the R&D department, and decided to help. When thinking of what to do, he asked himself one simple question; how can QA testers on the R&D team use automation in their daily work?

From there, Yuri put together a plan: a five-week course that would teach QA testers the ins and outs of automation to help them with their tasks. He decided to present his idea to WSC’s R&D management, and it was immediately supported.

“WSC Sports is very fond of educational projects and developing staff, so they jumped at the chance to make it happen.” – Yuri Dziubynskyi

The course isn’t your typical entry-level class in coding. It’s an extensive introduction into automation that leaves students with full proficiency in Selenium WebDriver, a program that automates web-based application testing. The class has all the same components of a college course: a syllabus, scheduled meeting times, and homework assignments. The only difference is WSC employees are being taught by a coworker, not a college professor.

The first Automation course wrapped up a few weeks ago and was considered a massive success with all the QA testers in the class – who all left proficient in Selenium WebDriver.

“The course was great for a few key reasons. It took place right here in our awesome office space, so we didn’t need to travel, it was built around our work schedules, and I didn’t need to get to know my teacher and classmates as I work with them daily! Learning how to add automation to my workflow has been a real game-changer as it removed a lot of the monotonous tasks we face in QA and made my life much easier.” – Arthur Pinhas, QA Engineer.

Yuri sees this course as just the beginning and hopes that eventually, other departments will notice the success and consider adding automation to better their workflows.

This course is just one of the many ways WSC Sports employees work together and share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the team, keeping us all at the top of our game as we shake up the sports tech industry.

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