The Innovative Ways the ACB Has Been Entertaining Basketball Fans While the Season is on Hold

In the second installment of our ‘WSC Sports Meets’ Zoom video series we were very happy to be joined by David Vidal, Social Media Manager at ACB.

The ACB (Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto) administers professional basketball leagues in Spain including the ACB’s top division, Liga Endesa. Regularly drawing in attendances on average above 6,000 people, places the league as the fourth most popular basketball league in the world and ninth-highest of any domestic professional indoor sports league globally.

With WSC Sports’ Social and Content and Marketing Specialist, Simon Ironmonger, David explained how the coronavirus has affected basketball in Spain and we learned about the innovative and diverse ways the ACB has been keeping fans happy and engaged while the season is on hold.

From basketball highlights, to stay at home challenges, to Rafael Nadal and Antonio Banderas, this interview had it all!

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