Cleveland Cavaliers Personalized Highlights Feed

Creating Personalized Video Highlights for the Cleveland Cavaliers App

Since 2015 the Cleveland Cavaliers have been using WSC Sports’ AI platform to automatically create and distribute real-time game highlights.

The Cavs were also the first NBA team to integrate with WSC Sports and offer a customizable highlights experience for fans on their mobile app – this is their success story.


The Challenge: Serving Every Type of Fan

The Cleveland Cavaliers understand that not all Cavs fans are the same. They like different players and different plays – some are all about the three pointers, others just can’t get enough of dunks. They are different ages, different genders, speak different languages, and live in different countries. So naturally the content they want to watch differs greatly.

The challenge the Cavs were facing was finding a new way to offer fans more choices and a deeper level of personalization for consuming game highlights. They wanted a solution for the Cavs mobile app that let fans customize the content they consume, and choose which players and types of plays they see the most of.


The Solution: AI-Powered Customized Content

The Cleveland Cavaliers were early adopters of AI technology, having utilized WSC Sports’ automated highlights platform for nearly a decade. They recognized the valuable role AI can play and with this technology, they’ve been able to create and distribute real-time video content at a massive speed and scale.

The fact everything is automated means that potentially any type of video highlight can be created at ease. The Cavs leveraged this technology to enable the personalized highlights feed on their app, giving fans the freedom to create their own video content.

Cavs App Highlights Feed


Fans can now…

✅ Personalize their highlights feed
✅ Pick their favorite player
✅ Pick their desired plays (24 different options)


Cavs App Highlights Feed


“We’ve created personalized highlights for our fans, where they have the ability to go in and identify their favorite player, or type of play. We’re able to deliver those highlights in real-time to our fans through the Cavs mobile app. The reliability of the WSC Sports platform is something that’s never wavered. It’s something we’ve been able to trust since we started using the platform back in 2015”. Brandon Jirousek, VP Digital, Cleveland Cavaliers 


The Results: Personalization Matters

With personalized highlight feeds on the Cavs app, fans now have easy access to the specific content they want to see most. Not only does this provide an exciting new viewing experience for the fans, but the Cavs also benefit by learning more about their audience, gaining valuable app user data, helping to provide more tailored content and other offerings to fans in the future.


In 2022, using the WSC Sports platform the Cavs…

🏀 Created 16,000 videos

Upon launching the personalized highlight feed they saw… 

🏀 An 83% increase in app downloads 

🏀 An average app dwell time of 20 mins 


“The thing that most impressed me with WSC Sports when I first saw it was the fact that the game is not only being analyzed in real-time, but you’re able to see every single play, every player indexed and broken down so that you can directly publish it. We were really excited to integrate with WSC Sports in the Cavs app and be the first NBA team to do that.” Georgia Sapounas, Senior Director, Digital Products, Cleveland Cavaliers